My name is SJ and I love all things home and decor. The love started at an early age. Probably having something to do with my parents, who bought a house built in 1904, moved our family in, and completed a live-in, full-house renovation. Yes, for real, before Pinterest, I was the 18 year old with a binder and pages ripped out of home decor magazines. Fast forward to post-college, post-business degree when I started working in corporate retail. I have 10+ years working in the buying offices for major department stores. Most of that time in the home decor areas.

 Which brings us to today. I am lucky (or unlucky, depending on the day) to now be able to stay at home with my three beautiful children and run the chaos that is Casa De Larkin with my husband JP.
 I started this site as side project to help channel my creativity as well as help people who need some guidance with their own home decor projects. I love all styles of decor from rustic lodges to sleek condos, modern farmhouses to lake living. If you are looking for some help with finishing (or starting!) a decor project in your house, please send me a note in the contact section. I would love to hear what you have going on and help you create a perfect space.
Thanks again for stopping by!



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